Let Us Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

Mission and Priorities

Our mission is to build a sustainable infrastructure for Armenian tech entrepreneurs in the USA and around the world, support entrepreneurial empowerment efforts by providing: space, trainings, seminars, networking opportunities and other educational activities in the USA. The foundation will also support existing global networks and communities in the USA to advance collaboration among tech and other industries around the world.


Educational, technology and entrepreneurial excellence for Armenians around the world.

Our Priorities

1. Education is the Key (Trainings)

Despite the well know success stories of university dropouts – we firmly believe that knowledge and education are the most valuable assets we have and should transfer to next gen of our professionals. We aim to support organizations and in research and development in areas such as: Machine learning, Artifitial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), cyber and cloud security, robotics,  smart things and etc.

2. Meet and Greet (Networking)

We value thne power of the network. We are happy to be part of your journey to success, and we are commited to help you with everything we can. Our small but very resourceful and helpful community is alwys willing to support young entreprenuers by organizing networking activities as well as peer to peer introductions. If you are visiting Bay Area, – let us know how we can help you.

3. Empowerment & Support for Bay Area newbies

Our Team is commited to help you find a short-term staying places and/or assist you with long-term place finding recommendations and placement. We are also willing to support your ideas and projects to make them happen.

Let Us help you achieve your dreams